Beautifully woozy, Hello World sees Downtown stretching his harmonies over a multiplicity of genres. Failing to be bound by the conventions of modern music, the track starts off, for him, in typically introspective fashion, before exploding into a chain of jittering jungle breaks. The Hull native’s talent for exploring vivid narratives makes him an artist with serious replay value. On this single, he talks of dysfunctional relationships leaving him in a state of loneliness; crooning his inimitable wordplay over erratic drums.

Whereas, on previous tunes, Kayoto has looked overseas as his source of inspiration, this single possesses inherent inflections of British rave music. Homing in on the elliptical R&B styles of Frank Ocean has allowed him to progress as a song writer, but Hello World adds a notable flamboyancy to his discography that will be much appreciated by fans and critics alike.

Sporting an array of Arc’teryx jackets, the visuals encompass the conflicting feelings Kayoto articulates lyrically. Motion blurs, quick cuts and menacing strobe lights melt into such sporadicalness that you find it hard to re-enter the real world on first viewing.

If this is the direction Downtown is going down in his forthcoming material, we are completely here for it. Within such a vast sonic palette, he may have just found the sweet spot.


Reek0, Nia Archives and Izco all contributing to the same song? It’s fair to say that Setting was always going to make our Tracks of the Month. Taken off the North Londoner’s debut vocal project, the collaboration combines UKG, Bruk and house in typical Izco fashion; nestling under Reek0’s direct delivery and Nia’s candid cantillates. Released on Brighter Days Records, which has hosted the likes of Lauren Ralph, the EP will be blazing from the sound system’s of Britains festivals this summer, so make sure to have the first listen by pressing play below.


Revisiting 2018’s Pulp Diction 3 had us craving new music from the Northaze. Luckily, July brought us RIP LIMEWIRE, an explosively psychedelic trap cut that sits comfortably as a highlight in their illustrious list of tunes. If the hopes and prayers of fans are answered, this will be the first cut from a fourthcoming full length project.


Like a seamstress sewing garments, Flyo’s ability to thread the right features through his beats has made him one of the most well respected producers in U.K. Rap. On his new project, titled ‘Keep Your Distance, he enlists the likes of Juice Menace and Blade Brown for verses; Capo Lee’s visceral punchlines, however, take the top spot. On Disturbing the Town, North London’s finest emcee slices Flyo’s drill beat with his archetypal flows, making metaphors out of everything from muesli to Thornton’s chocolates.


‘I tried to let go of perfectionism and not overthink’ said Chuala on her latest mixtape. The product of this change in mindset is an eclectic mix of electronic sonics, ranging from deep house to afrobeats and Actress-esque electro. Bacardi, with its acrobatic rhythms and hypnotic guitar leads, best personifies these subtle evolutions in musical direction. All 9 songs are well worth checking out, so listen to the full project below.


Collaborating with Joy Orbison has been a touch that many budding British voices have had the privilege of recently, but no one has relished the opportunity as much as Cityboymoe. Titled ‘Sweetstuff Pack’, the two track EP link up matches Moe’s musical cadence with O’s pristine production; crooning away over high-hat heavy instrumentals and lucid melodies. Mr Nice Guy is our pick of the pair. Dense, dreamy, and occasionally dulcet, the North West Londoner


Splitting opinions of Vince Staples fans, the long beach native’s latest album hasn’t come without criticism. However, highlights like Lil Fade flex the undeniable flamboyancy that makes him one of the scene’s most appreciated rappers. Kenny Beats’ Arabian inspired trap production complements the barks of Staples, who claims status at the top of his city in an act of self-righteousness. “Find out, know the city mine now (yeah, mine now)

Get some other shit to lie 'bout (weird-ass niggas)” he states with such confidence that it’s hard to disagree.


Taken from Deems’ forthcoming EP, RAINBOW sees the Wordsmith flaunting a flurry of uplifting flows over Dom Valentino’s vibrant production. Proceeding Can I?, which came out earlier this year, the track lays the Lewisham Lad’s dreams and insecurities out on the table in a captivating manner. Set for release this Friday, the forthcoming ‘RAINBOW EP’ will surely solidify Deema as a serious one to watch in the coming years; this track feels like he is only getting started.