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Photo of George Riley by @annietobinphoto

From post-apocalyptic grime to dystopian dubstep, and dreamy bedroom indie to anecdotal rap, check out 9 tracks we loved last month.

Kish! ft Jayritchie - GTA

Kish! dropped a new mixtape in June and it’s full of heat for everyone’s rap playlists. ‘GTA’, thanks to a glitchy trap beat and feature from Jayritchie, is our pick. The assertion in Kish!’s delivery is difficult to argue with; GTA proves he is not only a leader but consistently a pioneer of new sounds in Britain’s hiphop-sphere.

Phil - comme crisis ft Kare and Kwes e

The Escape Plan team released nothing but heat last month, and it all started with Phil’s single ‘Comme Crisis’. Over an insouciant instrumental, the wordsmiths relinquish their individualistic flows, bouncing off each other’s verses with clever double entendres and lyrical references.

Cmillano - Finchley

Another banger from the Escape Plan crew, Cmillano’s ‘Finchley’ champions the rapper's unorthodox penmanship and pays homage to his creative confidants. The track and music video glamourises life’s simplicities, like drinking and cooking up a BBQ with your mates. At the age of 20, Cmillano is seemingly ready to break from a crowded scene and into the conscience of more mainstream listeners.

Jawnino - Can’t Be

Jawnino’s post-apocalyptic productions have often featured on our platform. His latest EP, titled ‘4040 - Good Things Bad Things Who Knows’, further contests the boundaries of grime, adding club sonics to his arsenal of syncopated rhythms. ‘Can’t Be’ sets the project’s tone perfectly, leading into more abrasive cuts with Kibo and Renz.


Half of Sharp’s double single release, ‘SUMMER LOVE’S’ cloudy melodies and trap-drums construct a perfect summer vibrancy. The rapper’s multi-syllabic verses give him a notable composure over Remdollá’s production: the flows orbiting around a myriad of pleasant textures. ‘RIDICULOUS FREESTYLE’ is also well worth checking out.

Bloomfeld - Osmosis

Released on Lobster Theramin records, Bloomfeld’s ‘LARP OS’ combines dystopian dubstep tempos with erratic drum and baselines. Our pick from the project is ‘Osmosis’. Despite its intensity, there is an introspectiveness to the record that distinguishes it from the rest. With this release, Lobster Theramin continue to show they’re one of the most forward-thinking labels of our time.

Eyedress - SPAGHETTI

SPAGHETTI should provide some sonic healing for anyone needing to reset after a difficult month. Eyedress’ dreamy bedroom pop contaminated TikTok last year, and unlike many artists making a name on the platform, his music is here to stay. It proceeds the announcement of a new album, named ‘FULL TIME LOVER’, which will be released on August 26th.

George Riley - Sacrifice

Following ‘Jealousy’, which saw the vocalist crooning over a foggy trap beat, George Riley has again joined forces with Vegyn for another melodious hit. ‘Sacrifice’ sees her in a more vulnerable space, harmonising with the equally industrial and euphonious beat in those trademark tones.

El Londo - With Me

Cruck records co-founder El Londo has blessed many U.K. rappers with his signature productions but it isn’t very often we here his own wordplay. ‘With Me’s’ lyricism aligns with the breezy beat, narrating braggadocios tales of the multifaceted artist's career thus far,

Moko - Back2Roadz

Moko’s anecdotal-wordplay has attained significant hype in 2022 and it’s easy to see why. His pen-game and flows have an unrivalled finesse, making him highly palatable for fans of a variety of hip-hop genres. ‘Back2Roadz’s beat teeters between uk drill and trap, but Moko stays in his own lane with intricate wordplay and playful flows.

Written by Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)


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