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Its been an odd month, but music has certainly been our remedy for the madness. Britain's most innovative voices have really pulled through and given us some top tunes to help ease the pain of isolation, and save us from complete boredom. Give our favourite tracks a listen below.

Jeshi - Coming Down

The second single taken from Jeshi’s EP, Coming Down narrates the affects of living the high life. Cocaine, velour tracksuits and cream socks might be what everyone’s craving nowadays, but the Londoner's new track reminds us that this lifestyle comes with its own difficulties. Check put our full review of Bad Taste, Jeshi’s upcoming EP, somewhere on the site.

Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou - Jigoo

One of House music’s true originators, Maurice Fulton’s eccentricity and love for DJing has been lauded for decades. Peggy Gou needs little introduction either. Blending tech, electro and a whole host of other genres, her sets have become a must see for anyone into their dance music. Jigoo therefore, is a titanic collaboration, and it really does not disappoint.

Greentea Peng - Ghost Town

Did Greentea Peng predict London’s current eeriness? With Covid-19 peaking in our country, it may first appear like she did. However, the artist is really referring to the Capital's issue with gentrification. Summed up in this beautifully simplistic line: “Anything you need can buy it from a store, £9.99 for a pause, but you can’t take my city from me”, Peng's honest perspective on the issue translates perfectly into a dub-inspired single.

Four Tet - Insect Near Piha Beach

Kieran Hebden can be a demon when he takes his production into the realms of hardstyle. I.N.P.B uses a rolling breakbeat with the same sumptuous instrumentation that can be heard on New Energy's Lush. Vague vocals drift in and out of the tune to add an extra layer of delicacy, which frequently perfects Hebdan’s music.

Safiyyah ft Finn Foxell - Mornings

This track put us on to Safiyyah, and we are angry at ourselves that we weren’t aware of her before. The neo-soul, hip-hop sonic that runs throughout her music captures a nostalgic tone that I think we all need at this time. Finn Foxell bodies his verse, of course, and works well on the hook in harmony with Safiyyah.

Pinty - It’s Just Life

Combining the lucid production of Archy Marshall (King Krule) with Pinty’s garage flows, once again, seems like a match made in heaven. Its Just Life is the first single off Pinty’s upcoming EP, which drops ater this April, so stay locked for a review of that.

BlazeYL - No Hand Out

House Of Pharaohs’ solo endeavours can be as good as their combined efforts. Blaze’s melodies are getting better and better, almost matching his direct flows and lyricism. No Hand Out feels like he is on the cusp of brilliance - making tunes transferable from the underground and into a more commercial environment.

Tariq Disu - Off The Hook

This is the first tune for Tariq in 2020, and we are really feeling it. A minimal beat, that flirts with trap high hats and muffled synths, entertains Disu and KnuckS’ snappy verses - we only wish that it was longer.

Keyah/Blu - South

Blu has proved herself as one of the brightest voices in U.K. music after collaborations with Denzel Himself and Joy Orbison. Coming from her debut EP Sorry, I forgot You We’re Coming, South is an electro-soul ode to her area. The production starts frantic, and then crescendos into a sincere beat to accommodate Keyah’s more vulnerable lyricism. The whole project deserves a listen; check it out below.

Ashbeck - Distance

Featuring Kish!, this cut from Ashbeck’s latest project exonerates everything the Londoner has come to be about. The beat feels influenced by a multiplicity of genres coming out of the Capital, whilst both Beck and Kish deliver colloquial metaphors and assertive verses effortlessly. Starmix is out now, give it a listen below.

Blanco - Shippūden

Harlem Spartans member Blanco is making elegant, afro infused U.K. rap with the same gentrified grittiness of drill. The rappers’ unorthodox wordplay, and rhyme patterns, are as fruitful as ever on Shippuden. There’s a sensitivity to Blanco that is admirable given the pressures of masculinity in rap music.

Fivio Foreign - Wetty

Produced by Axl Beats, who’s U.K.-centric beats have found a home in New York, Wetty sees Fivio inventively portraying the menace of his city. The contagious, tongue’n’cheek lyricism will have you bopping along from the beginning. With this single, and countless other hits already to his name, Foreign is making a strong case for Pop Smoke’s predecessor. Listen to Wetty below.


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