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Kenny Beats has had a polarising month for British collaboration: Slowthai, Idles and Aitch are a few names that spring to mind, but SL’s Bad Luck is our pick of the lot. A flute infused trap beat nestles under the Peckham native’s matter-of-fact, poetic delivery. Be sure to have this on when the sun is shining.


Thai’s trio of singles have proven there is still gas in his engine after the Mercury nominated Nothing Great About Britain. Mount Kimbie’s Dom Maker is the mastermind behind our choice of the three - BB (Body Bag). Coinciding with fiendish visuals, courtesy of The Rest, Tyrone Frampton spits two aggressive verses, and compares himself to the bare knuckle boxer Roy “Pretty Boy” Shaw. Is album 2 pending?


Released on Pacific Rhythm, Active Surplus’ debut EP hits hard with housy grooves and acidic melodies. Yaye utilises an infectious, tribal vocal sample over some dreamy, percussive production. All four tracks are well worth a listen.


It would have been impossible to keep Elevation Meditation off May’s TOTM. Louis Culture has been particularly prolific, releasing Smile Soundsystem and offering his bars once more to P-Rallel for Packed Bags. The NTS resident's woozy two step production whirrs around Culture’s punctual delivery, constructing a UKG/broken beat banger.


Catching everyone off guard with the Drop 6 EP, Little Simz’ Might Bang Might Not is 2 minutes of powerful wordplay and funky, minimal instrumentation. Need we say more than this collection of bars…

Fuck that, I crashed the party

Fuck that, I am the party

Don't get me started

I am a one-woman army

I am the force that we speak of

What's a wave to a tsunami?

True, my drip enormous

Your tap running out, talk about awkward (Yeah)

Simz lets loose on this one, and we love it.

Lijah - G.O.T.W

Known more for his experimentation with underground sounds, Lijah’s trappier affair with Danny Sanchez is a welcoming switch up for the artist. Sanchez himself is a bit of a Loudhouse legend, and his versatile delivery bodies Alhassan’s industrial beat. Lijah dropped two devilish, rave ready tracks in May as well, be sure to check them out.

PA Salieu - Betty

Salieu’s two latest tunes, in their own right, prove he is one of the most important newcomers from 2020. Betty, a psychedelic afrobeat banger, is another contagious cut in his ever-growing discography, and once again the video is devastating. Bang Out is also well worth a listen.

Nics - Cosy ft Manga Saint Hilare

Driven by trundling 808s and misty melodies, Cosy is the latest, snappy single from Nics. Roll Deep’s Manga Saint Hilaire offers his staccato tones for a punchy verse, adding to the inherent waviness the track possesses. Keep a close eye on Nics for the rest of the year.

Flohio - Snub

Flo Flo, rolling around perched out a car window, spraying braggadocios bars to the camera - SNUB, and its music video, is everything we have come to love about Flohio. Rapping seems so effortless for her, and evidently the coronavirus isn’t hindering HER creative prowess. Watch below.

Harve - Save Something

Ardent lyricism, soulful production, jazzy instrumentation - Harve’s Save Something is a heart warmer in every essence. Their debut EP, Held By The Moon, explores love, loneliness and queerness through abstract narratives and intimate wordplay.

Ragz Originale - Thin Line

Ragz’ relentless creativity has given him yet another busy year producing and writing music. It feels like only yesterday ’Txt ur x’ came out, and here we are with the single Thin Line. The track’s not dissimilar from Tell Me Lies, our pick from his latest EP; this is some essential listening for any peng weather June offers.


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