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May's TOTM is getting us firmly in the zone for festival season, with plenty of singles inherently influenced by U.K. club culture. The likes of Dexter and Lu.Re released hazy, heartfelt 2-step jams, whilst Willow Kayne's latest offering is defined by its explosive jungle rhythms. Meanwhile, Dochi's mixtape has been on repeat since it dropped and his single with Reek0 might just be one of our favourites this year. New music from Feux, Wax, Osquello, Novelist, and many more should perk up your playlists and get you as excited as we are to return to Britain's musical mud baths this summer.

Dochi - I Know ft Reek0

Taken from the ‘aMen’ mixtape, ‘I Know’ sees Dochi fighting personal battles to realise what and who is important to him. Over a jazz-laced Bruk-instrumental, the wordsmith relays rhymes with both affability and potency. Brighter Days affiliate Reek0, as ever, shows his skills on broken beat productions too, providing an introspective verse.

Osquello - Cuffed

Osquello’s latest single is an infectious disco-funk jam, taking influence from contemporary electronic producers like Kaytranada. Few artists can safely champion non-genre conformity, but ‘Cuffed’ shows the multi-faceted artist is one of them. The disparity of singles like ‘Big Bag’ and ‘Cuffed’ is crazy, and when he’s able to harness all these sounds to make something truly intrinsic to him, more success will undeniably follow.

Novelist - THERE HE GOES

The West Coast, G Funk-Esque inspiration on Novelist’s latest album is perfect for the changes in season. Our pick is ’THERE HE GOES’, thanks to its noteworthy feature from Compton’s Jay Worthy and a killer hook from N.O.V. Prem’s Cadillac-cruising production accommodates the wordsmiths' various flow switches and creates a vibe that only Novelist really can.

They Hate Change - Stuntro

It’s always nice to see our transatlantic cousins nodding to U.K. club sonics, and that’s exactly what goes down on They Hate Change’s latest album. ‘Stuntro’, with its off-kilter beat and glitchy melody, sets the album's energetic tone and foreshadows a range of sounds explored over the proceeding 13 tracks. The whole album, with its jungle, footwork, and broken beat attributes, is well worth checking out.

Feux - Nights

The lead single off Feux’s forthcoming debut album ‘Opal Blues’ is a woozy trap banger, oozing in wobbly melodies and assertive 808s. The North West Londoner addresses issues and emotions affecting his mentality and the subsequent reclusiveness that comes with this. Lauzza’s accompanying video, as always, is well worth watching and you can run it up below.

Dexter - Pressure

Dexter’s latest single is a hazy UKG jam, which adds breaks to her repertoire of breezy bedroom pop. It’s an ode to her individuality and willingness to go against the grain - conforming to her vision and not becoming someone the world thinks she should be.

Wax - Wdym

Wax is a known Baile-Funk fan and 'Wdym' sees the wordsmith displaying his dexterity over the genre once more. His forthright flow and direct delivery are unrivaled in the country’s underground rap sphere and it won’t be long until tracks like ‘Wdym’ hit the mainstream conscience.

RenzNiro - Dare2Win

Flying the flag in a subversive Manchester music scene, Renzniro released his debut full-length project in May. In many ways, it’s a coming-of-age story that narrates his time in the rap game. However, ‘Dare2Win’ reflects more introspectively on the relationships he once had, and the close team he thankfully keeps around him now.

Willow Kayne - Final Notice

Making an early entry for this summer’s jungle jam, Willow Kayne’s ‘Final Notice’ is a Soundsystem-ready, amen break banger. The visuals nod to Justin Kerrigan’s cult classic film ‘Human Traffic’, as the single sends punters in rough trade into a frenzy.

Lu.Re - Hold On

The debut EP from singer-producer Lu.Re features many smoky UKG cuts and ‘Hold On’ is our pick from the bunch. Lathering 2-step rhythms with her own vocals and lyricism gives the project a uniqueness that could only be achieved by someone who has full control over their artistic output. The ethereal vibe creates a nostalgic tone to ‘Hold On’ which allows her to easily captivate the listener.

Written by Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)


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