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Daisy Maybe Ft Skepta - The Answer

British hip hop has never been so diverse. Daisy Maybe is one of the most promising Vocalists to be collaborating with the scene, embedding her haunting, beautiful vocals on tracks with some of the best newcomers. Skepta recently took a step into fatherhood, but he continues to keep critics and fans on their toes by guesting on tunes with artists’s his mainstream audience wouldn’t expect. The two have clear chemistry, as Maybe mourns about her gluttonous personality, and Skepta reflecting on his personal life. Definitely one to give a crack this winter.

Tyler, The Creator - Big Bag

Christmas is coming. Am I overly gassed? Yes, of course, and one of the reasons for my mood is Tyler’s latest EP - inspired by the Dr Seuss book and film: The Grinch. The modern day idol expressed his love for film scores in many interviews when he was younger, so it was no surprise he jumped at the chance to get involved in the popular motion picture. Big Back sticks out like a saw thumb in this EP. Surrounded by cosy Christmas chords and choruses, this tune represents the darker side to the character of the Grinch, by unforgivingly shredding through bars and an oddly experimental repetitive beat.

Lancey Foux - Psyke

Lancey Foux is a model with an extraordinary amount of trap prowess. Indirectly pioneering an underground UK sound, whilst bridging the gap between superstars like Famous Dex and English up and comers like himself, ‘Psyke’ proceeds his 2018 LP ‘PINK 2’. He is currently supporting Skepta around Europe, enlightening cities in the calibre of Madrid on his unique take of auto-tuned trap. The gritty, bleak imagery of the streets of London that have come to prominence in many of his videos, which distinguishes his aesthetic as one away from the ordinary.

Darkzy ft Example - Drops

Bassline is a scene beginning to get the appreciation it deserves by industry experts and mainstream outsiders. Enlisting one of England’s most popular 20th century rapper’s shows just how far the Crucast crew have come since the days of sweaty underground clubs, and it now sees itself at the forefront of the most popular UK events, including Boomtown. Darkzy is a big name in the scene, humiliating tracks like ‘You’ve got the love’ with the most tantalisingly filthy remixes and reworks. ‘Drops’ is by far his best solo tune to date, and It’s nice to know Example can still kill it.

Headie One - Of Course

This is one of Headie’s most personal tracks, reflecting on how he would dream of touring when he was released from prison and the time many of his mates have had to endure behind bars too. ‘I’m a product of my environment, so of course my music is violent’ is one of my favourite lyrics from a drill song ever, the realism One often rhymes is both painful to hear and incredibly though provoking. He is the most elaborate poet from the hood, and I hope he continues to release tracks in the vein of this one.

Fontaines DC - Too Real

There is a horrendously amazing punk scene stemming from the soils of Ireland at the moment, ‘Too Real\ could well be the anthem of the movement, and Fontaines DC are very much pioneering the scene into the ears of mainstream radio listeners. Idles announced them as their main support for their huge upcoming tour, which covers the UK and America. The repetitive, raging lyricism and shredding riffs make an immaculately gritty punk song, which are incredibly hard to come by nowadays.

Virgil Hawkins X V7 - Keep It G

There is nothing like a spacey, psychedelic trap banger. Combining 7’s staccato flows and Virgil’s wavy bars, this tune could slide straight onto a Playboi Carti or A$AP Mob record. The beat is lovely and disorientating, making you feel like you’re floating in space participating in a game of space invaders, which would obviously be everyone’s dream. It’s short, but quickly gets you jigging to the faint, repetitive high hats and dreamy samples. Get your ears on it.

Chase & Status ft Mr. Vegas - Delete

Part two of their ‘RTRN 2 JUNGLE’ series, Saul and Will have enlisted the Jamaican dance hall artist Mr. Vegas for their new rave ready track. The 21st century jungliest know how to whip a crowd into a frenzy, their Notting Hill set was legendary, and this tune was definitely a head turner when mixed between some classic 90s reggae and 21st century Jump Up.


The English No Name? However you want to label Keyah/Blu, she is up there with the most eloquent female voices in the world of rap. ‘Sweet’ champions the raw fundamentals of Trip Hop; her vocal tone could be likened to a female Tricky, but there is a slight sass that slides across the snippets of guitars and cowbells that keeps her sound unique and grounded. The South East Londoner is a frequent collaborator of Denzel Himself, but she is independently establishing herself as a one to watch progressing into the new year. Exciting stuff.

Vince Staples - FUN

Living up to it’s title, this relentlessly jiggy track excels in its relentless grooves and irresistibly playful lyrics. ‘FM’ is far from conventional, trading Vince’s introspective, experimental production, for more radio friendly synths and pop melodies. Fans have learnt to expect the unexpected with the Long Beach born rapper, and this project naturally pursues this train of thought. As buoyant as this tune is, Staples still shows his sinister side by weaving in subtle bars like ‘my black is beautiful but I’ll still shoot at you dawg’ - a line which creates parallels between the civil rights movements and black brutality in America. It also features the rap veteran E-40, a pleasant blast from the past for any hip hop heads.


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