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The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. The only way to get through these longer nights is with longer playlists. Fortunately, October has seen a wealth of quality music released. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite new tracks from the month to help you stock up. Check it out below.


Madlib-level chops, dizzying rhyme schemes, immaculate mixing and mastering: Obijuan does it all. ‘BRIMSTONE’ is nothing short of advanced-level musicianship and empirical evidence that Obi is working on 2033 time. Check out his first fully self-produced project ‘XYBERPHUNK 2033 [PROTOTYPE]’, and watch out for his 7th project of the year, ‘GUANAHANI’, dropping November 11th.

CITIES AVIV – Funktion

A song of two parts, ‘Funktion’ is a perfect introduction for new listeners to one of the most important artists in hip-hop, Cities Aviv. From heavy bassline to heavenly strings, synths and vocal chops – this track has it all. Cities Aviv spits over this diametric track with a purpose and confidence that few MCs can capture, making ‘Funktion’ a track sure to envelop fans new and old. Be sure to check out Cities Aviv latest project, ‘Working Title For The Album Secret Waters’, as soon as possible.

Interplanetary Criminal, Killa P – Gangster Time

Interplanetary Criminal has liked up with Killa P to add yet another track to his ridiculous 2022 output which includes, of course, his number 1 single with Eliza Rose. 'Gangster Time' is a bare bones composition that sets ominous strings over a whipping garage beat. Killa P MCs throughout with a typically swaggering delivery. The result is an enticing and seriously catchy tune.

Tkay Maidza – High Beams (JPEGMAFIA Remix)

Tkay Maidza, the underrated, genre-bending Australian rapper who dabbles between electropop, R&B, rap, and industrial Hip-Hop unleashes this unexpected remix (from her EP last year) with backpacker favourite JPEGMAFIA, who delivers a hard verse over the glitchy beat, adding seasoning to the mix we didn’t know we even needed.

Daphni – Mania

This wacky track comes from the latest Daphni LP Cherry, one of the more bizarre tracks on the record, it progressively builds into a psychedelic kaleidoscope of vibrationsn. From the genius minds of Caribou and Dan Snaith, don’t miss out on this one.

Lil Yachty – Poland

Lil Yachty’s unexpected revival comes in the form of this strange, druggy, earworm 1 minute, 23 second track. Since 2016’s Lil Boat his playful spin on trap has not been quite the same, always middling between mediocrity and unlistenable. Poland is an unusual return to form, but a welcome one.

Client_03 – Nostalgia System Cache Dump

Ever elusive yet always dependable, Client_03 released the single 'Nostalgia System Cache Dump' in October. With the track Client_03 remains in his familiar electro lane, but the usual stomping energy is replaced with something more ethereal – or nostalgic. The bass line locks into the beat and throws away the key, whilst synths and occasional vocal snatches layer on top to create a mesmerising texture. For more, listen to Client_03’s EP which dropped on November 1st.

Double Virgo - Devil in the Dovetail

London duo Double Virgo, who make up two-thirds of Bar Italia, continued with their winning streak last month. Releasing yet another contagiously sludgy grunge fest, titled "Erol is the Bunker", it was difficult to pick a single cut from the project. "Devil in the Dovetail" stands out thanks to its droney bassline and clattery drums.

Reek0 - More ft S I

"More" is an ode to the glutton in all of us. Reek0 and S I link up over a triumphantly crooked grime beat, delivering anecdotes that accentuate their desire for more success in the music game. Coming off a new EP, titled "Reek0 by Reek0", the track is perfect for any skank out you may experience in the near future.

Nikitch & Kuna Maze - 507 Miles High (IG Culture remix)

IG Culture's on the buttons for this infectiously groovy, jazz-tinged bruk remix. Performed by Nikitch and Kuna Maze, the original shares the percussive shuffles of its re-edit, but Culture slows it down and adds some deep, dubby bass for all of us Soundsystem lovers out there.

TjTUCKER - The GetBack

On "The GetBack", TjTUCKER is steering into his own lane, bodying a prismatic g-funk beat with ease. Lyrically depicting the graft of an artist unwilling to compromise his vision, the track is a step up conceptually from previous singles.

Mom Tudie - what's different

Mom Tudie graced our streaming services with a double single this month. 'What's different' indulges in a shapeshifting garage beat, nestling beneath the artist's wonky and warped autotuned delivery. It's a track that speaks to everyone's need for "space" and "time" in difficult moments, even when craving compassion from one another.

Mob Kapital - Psylocibin

Beat maker Mob Kapital has caught the attention of some big names. Buried on his Instagram feed, there's a video of Sainte rapping over one of his beats outside a white BMW; the likes of Feux can also be seen bopping their heads to the 18-year-old's production. On 'Psylocibin', Kai King lends his maverick-like flow to the dishevelling trap instrumental.

Words the Repeat Team

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