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YS Tekdinner - Stepped in

As one of the hardest song releases this month, ‘Stepped In’ will make you whip your car with rage down a motor way or open up a mosh pit at a local house party. The chorus is instantly noticeable and catchy, which you don’t often hear in hard hitting trap, but Tekdinner uses it to his advantage on this one. It works well with his natural flow and the repetitive synth centred beat; he is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future.

Dee 93 featuring Master Peace - 411

Coming out of a new movement of underground English rappers, with the likes of Master Peace, v7backin2007 and YS Tekdinner, Dee 93’s first set of tunes have really taken to my attention this month. Playful, relentless in energy and even slightly soulful, ‘411’ gets your head banging and body skanking instantaneously when the goofy, irregular beat kicks in after 30 seconds. It also features the always fiery Master Peace, who adds that little extra energy to damage your speakers.

Chase and Status featuring Cutty Ranks - Retreat 2018

On ‘Retreat 2018’, Cutty Ranks’ timeless vocals coincide seamlessly with the English duos 90s era, Prodigy-Esque beat for one of the best jungle tunes of recent years. It is hypnotising, infectious and gun finger inducing; I feel as if I should be in a matching Moschino outfit with a heavy Avirex jacket on my back skanking in someone’s sweaty basement, as soon as the whirring jungle bass kick in. It comes as part of the duo’s Return2Jungle project, which will see many collaborations with up and coming Jamaican artists.

Chris Lorenzo - Ectomorph

The development of Chris Lorenzo from a house DJ to a genre bending night bass pioneer has been very organic, when I see his name on any track, at the moment, I make a cheeky smile to myself because I know it’s going to be utter filth. Ectomorph is no different. The acid-house era inspired tune is completely different to ‘Pizza’, his single release with Chris Lake, but I have to say I prefer it. I admire its simplicity and repetition; it will be shelling down house raves all over the world this Autumn.

P-rallel ft Finn Foxell and Killowen - Brakes

The dreamy and tropical production of this track makes it incredibly addictive and pleasant on the ears. Foxell’s minimalistic lyrical palette fits perfectly over P-rallel’s production; the duo have combined before and will hopefully continue to do so as this is, in my opinion, their best material so far. It is the perfect medium between electronic duo Disclosure and garage powerhouse Preditah. Keep an eye on what these boys are planning for the rest of 2018, I sense some big releases.

Ski Mask the Slump God - Giggle

My mates and I really aren’t on speaking terms with Ski Mask at the moment. Sneakily, he dropped out of Reading Festival, which left half of us crying, and the other half smashing their speakers. However, he’s been a bit of a bastard by releasing another undisputed banger, and announcing an album for October too. His eccentric flow, quirky lyrics and visceral, choppy melodies have been well respected in the industry for a while now and ‘Giggle’ will only enhance this.

The Northaze - DayTwoRescue

Coming off their latest album ‘Pulp Diction 3’, the Leeds duo have delivered a sinister, lo-fi and trip hop inspired rap release that is both subtle and psychedelic. Kosi Tides and Swish are known for their signature atmospheric beats, and this track is them at the top of their game; the synergy they have with Blah records, one of the biggest independent rap labels in the UK, means their success in the underground will continue to grow. The whole project is worth a listen, if Pulp Fiction was to be turned into a musical, these would be the only suitable and fitting songs to have in it - the mysterious tone to the tunes is very similar to what Tarentino does with the visuals in his film.

Slowthai - Drug Dealer

Tyron Frampton is back to tell us another tail, this time the urban poet reflects on his challenging time at school, and his frustration at what society sees as success. Ironically claiming that being a ‘Drug Dealer’ is the only path for him, Slowthai manipulates a harsh grime beat that harks back to early 2000s BBK (Boy Better Know). If the music video is anything to go by, the Northamptoner would rather kill himself than pursue a 9-5 job. It is yet another punk induced, hair raising and intense tune that will wake you up in the morning, and make you revaluate what you’re doing with your life.

Sports Team - Margate

To my disappointment, I haven’t been hearing a lot of gripping material from Indie artists recently. With rap and grime dominating Britain’s underground industry at the moment, there is nothing I’d like more than a bit of an indie resurgence, and I think Sports Team might be the ones to kick it all off. ‘Margate’ is a track that belongs among the 20th centuries big names, with the quick and staccato guitar rhythms sounding like ‘Up The Bracket’ eraPete Doherty. It really makes you want to visit Margate too, I love a bit of mini golf.

Lady Bird - Boot Fillers

Signed to Slaves’ new record label ‘Girl Fight Records’, named after their infamous 15 second track ‘Girl Fight’, Lady Bird caused a stir with their 4 track EP ‘Social Potions’ earlier this year. Described as a more radio friendly ‘Idles’, the Kent trio’s new song adds the sound of organs to their distinctively grungy guitars and Don Rennols gritty vocals. It is arguably more melodic than most of their songs, but still as hard hitting as you would expect from the band too.

Mackenzie and Maletka - Body and Mind

Combining elements of Jump Up and Neuro drum and bass, Mackenzie and Maletka’s first collaboration is effortlessly filthy and gun fingers worthy. The dreamy synths at the start are in contrast to the hair razing, hornet swarm sounding drop that proceeds the teasing build up. Expect more releases from them both over the next year or so, as well as another future collaboration.


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