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Another month goes by and there's been plenty of promising music to share with you all. In need of some new sounds to liven your lugs up? Look no further than this list, which has been carefully curated by our selection of writers. Freshen up those playlists and read about our picks below.

Dozenthewav – 4 Less

Autotuned hooks, distorted 808s and robotic melodies combine in fine fashion on Dozenthewav's latest single "4 Less". It's a fiery track that's indicative of the artist's eruptive delivery. Those with a decent car stereo will thank us for having this one on the list.

Karen Nyame KG – Taboo

Another ama piano heater from Karen Nyame KG, “Taboo” sits as a standout in her discography thanks to its sensual grooves. Released via Black Acre Records, who are known for such artists as Branko and Loraine James, the track lit up festival season and is finally receiving airplay on the radio. Don’t sleep on this one.

Surprise Chef – Iconoclasts

Jazz-funk stalwarts Surprise Chef are set to drop their new album “Education & Recreation” on October 14 and the irresistibly groovy “Iconoclasts” is our latest insight into the record. Seducing you with nocturnal riffs, the single’s illusive qualities make it an alluring encounter. The ensemble recently signed with Big Crown Records, so we can only hope that more music is on its way.

CLBRKS & Vagrant Real Estate – Into the Trees ft Kish! & Ramson Badbonez

Capturing the idiosyncratic qualities of CLBRKS, Kish! and Ramson Badbonez, Vagrant Real Estate's sinister boom bap brought some much-needed nefariousness to our September. Crack this on and release your inner delinquent as we near the spooky season.

Guami & Renelle 893 – Rich Girls

Another collaborative tape making the list, Guami and Renelle 893's "Gardening Tools" had many highlights but "Rich Girls", with its tongue n cheek wordplay, makes this month's list. Revolving, psychedelic boom bap accommodates the South Coast rapper's slurry flows and gives it an addictive quality comparable to the "Rich Girls" 893 describes throughout.

BaggE – Rain

North London neo-soulstress BaggE is back with a psychedelic funk-infused jam for the more autumnal months. “Rain”, which features one of the catchiest choruses going, sees the artist adding to her repository of otherworldly sounds whilst maintaining the flavours that she’s known for.

Sminx – Be There

The collaborative project of JD. Reid, Mr Mitch and Social State, Sminx’s first single was a moment to behold in September. A rave-ready banger, which lends itself to thunderous broken beat textures, “Be There” is hopefully the start of a slew of tracks from the trio. We’ll be patiently waiting for more releases.

Vel Nine – Sylvia Gang ft. Starker

Beautifully distressed synths, strings and vocal samples melt together in vinyl fuzz while Vel and Starker deliver emphatic verses from flow to cadence to lyricism. A perfect taster for Vel Nine’s project ‘Freakjet’, fully produced by the great Zoomo.


A masterpiece of monolithic proportions, QUIXKSAND is, simply put, Obijuan’s best. Biblical production from poi$un 陽, ozone splitting flows, theological thematics: all of these elements combine on the centrepiece of one of the best albums of the year, ‘METHUSELAH’.

Cortese - Wrong Train

UKG duo Cortese brings us another undisputed banger with "Wrong Train", one of 5 tracks on their new "Time Is Now" EP. Incorporating chilling loops and the familiar sonics of Bristol label Shall Not Fade, Cortese chop and layer stretched acidic sounds with breaky drum kicks and unique eastern notes, making for a rich garage masterpiece. Ones to watch for sure.

Joy Overmono & ABRA - Blind Date

From the collaboration that produced the instant-classic "Bromley" in 2019 came a new track this month, "Blind Date". Joy Orbison has once again jumped into the studio with the brothers Overmono, and the three have apparently been ‘tweaking’ this one for some time. Both artists played it out at festivals over the summer, and have now kindly released this heater to keep us warm during the colder months. With dizzying synths, a chunky beat and whirring vocal loops, ‘Blind Date’ is exhibit A in euphoric club music.

Ezra Collective - ‘Ego Killah’

Since the release of their 2019 album, You Can’t Steal My Joy, London-based jazz group Ezra Collective have only flourished. After gliding effortlessly between genres, from grime to funk, the group this month released the dub-flavoured ‘Ego Killah’. A cool backbeat and lazy horns come together on this beautifully textured track that would soothe any aching ear. We can’t wait to hear their album Where I’m Meant To Be when it drops on November 4th. It seems set to be a glorious melting pot of influences.

Leftfield - ‘Accumulator’

After a period of relative silence since 2015, electronic duo Leftfield released a new single ‘Pulse’ back in July, and this month followed it up with ‘Accumulator’. Titans of 90s club music, Leftfield have been producing since 1989. The latest single harks back to the rave scene sounds from which they emerged but feels in no way outdated. The recent releases are in anticipation of their first new LP in seven years, which arrives in December.

YAZ - Overgrown

The nineteen-year-old vocalist, hailing from North-West London, has dropped just a handful of singles this year, ‘Overgrown’ being the latest. The garage-inspired track has a nostalgic feel. Having made her debut this year with ‘Mr Valentine’ written about her boyfriend whose middle name happens to be just that, ‘Overgrown’ is a rhythmic bop about cutting ties from a past, toxic situationship.

ELIZA - Abandon The Rule

A lot of us will be familiar with her previous moniker ‘Eliza Doolittle’, but ELIZA has truly come into herself on her second album independent from a major label. ‘Abandon The Rule’ is a real standout from the collection of understated lo-fi tracks. The beautiful instrumentation marries so well with Eliza’s soulful vocals.

Clafrica and Frankeeno - Amore al computer

This whole project feels like a midnight drive around Rome in an 80’s Ferrari, with a tash and a perm involved. The new collaboration from talented producer Clafrica (Sicilian born, based in London) and the enigmatic vocalist Frankeeno is a delight. Deconstructed boogie meets an Italian Quasimoto, modern italo mixed with future funk; it’s so original and well crafted. My stand-out song has to be the title track ‘Amore al computer’, for its humongous bass, immediate charm and bouncey drums. Buzzing to see what’s next from these guys.

BONES & Ghost/\/ghoul - Silverado

‘Silverado’ is Track 1 of the new BONES and ghost/\/ghoul collab album. Called ‘DreamCard’, it’s a big hitter. 17 tracks, of which all are quality. The dark vapourware atmosphere to ‘Silverado’ glued me to the track straight away, and that synth flute line let me know I had an absolute banger in my hands. The lax, loose feel to the vocals is really hypnotic too, delivering 10/10 melodies perfectly. It’s one you can’t help nod your head and bop to.

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