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I don’t know who this guy is, or where he has come from, but all I can say is the clothing he is about to release is top draw. Rocked by the likes of Skepta, Mikavelli and Bakar, he has tapped London’s most trendy, as well as Drake and Lil Yachty. Explosive, trippy and neon green typography makes the logo one of the most powerful and visually stimulating I have seen of recent times. Hoodies, tee shirts and trackies are all that have been teased, but that is enough to excite us here at Repeat.

Bon Bleu

More well known for their production of children’s clothes rather than adult appealing garments, Bon Bleu is a British brand reimagining their classic prints. Summer colours and simple designs make them accessible for all, and easy to coordinate with other items in your wardrobe. Often styled with Burberry nova shirts and other rave clobber essentials, Bon Bleu is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.


Founded by Damian Malontie, Carefree is a brand that advocates creative thinking and positivity. Malontie has had years of experience in the world of streetwear, so he knows what people want and what appeals graphically. This is evident in the striking logo, which has been looking beautiful on the range of tee shirts the London designer and influencer has been releasing for a while now. Unfortunately, the stock has run out on the website, but you can pick up three bookmarks for £1.50… absolute bargain.


Ames is an up and coming brand hailing from Korea, which has one of the fastest growing underground fashion scenes in the world. Making a name for themselves with premium prints and industrial denim cargo pants and tactical vests, you could look ready for a festival or equally Milan fashion week wearing these garms. They are similar to Korean counterparts ThisIsNeverThat, but I think their designs are better, and they do a good cardigan.

French Toast

A triple threat in the world of art and design, Nick Vaaler’s brand ‘French Toast’ has made its success on the Big Cartel. Much like his artwork, his clothing offers busy prints and pastel colours that would be perfect for the Autumn. You wouldn’t be wrong if you compared his work to that of Illegal Civilisation’s, the sketched/cartoon aesthetic in his up and coming collection is very similar to the Californian brand’s.

Palm Angels

Moncler art director Fransesco Ragazzi originally started Palm Angels as a photography project, covering LA’s Skate Scene in black and white pictures. Since 2015 however, Ragazzi’s brand has been hitting shops worldwide, now stocked in 210 different retailers. This is probably the most successful brand we have on the list, but it is still very much seen as an underground alternative in the competitive High-End fashion market. Colourful baggy tracksuits are the staple piece from the brand, with the lilac colourway being pictured on Ian Connor and A$AP Rocky.

Jungles Jungles

Australian brand ‘Jungles Jungles’ have made so many waves the last couple of years that they have got themselves into Dover Street Market Ginza and now feature in select Size? shops. Despite their backing from these major brands, they are still not given the attention they deserve; with a strong logo, and variation in messages, they will inevitably find success, so get on it.

Paria Farzeneh

Taking on inspiration from her Iranian heritage, this 24-year-old designer’s clothing combines elegant patterns and beige/sandy colours to manufacture an authentic Middle Eastern feel. She called her stunning SS19 collection ‘7’, named after the 7 essential symbols that come together to proceed the new year in Iran. The intricate prints are now on classic Chuck Taylor converse, as well as bucket hats, bags, trousers and shirts. She has also been cosigned by Frank Ocean, who wore one of her items at Lovebox last year. Definitely, one to watch.

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