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It's always nice to get a submission in our DMs that we genuinely rate, so when Valentino dropped 'YKTV' in there not so long ago, we were all pretty gassed. Hailing from our hometown, Cambridge, the Rapper and Producer has taken a more enigmatic approach to making music thus far, but YKTV sees him establishing an illustrious sound, which takes inspiration from the vibes of "Skepta, Sam Wise and 808INK" as he explained in our email exchange.

"I found the sample melody online on my way back from work" disclosed (real name) Tino Onuorah to us; the track's intergalactic production incorporates a dispersing melody over punchy U.K. trap drums. The beat complements Tino's staccato flow, which hits hard with lyrical verity. You can hear the emotion in his delivery; every bar seems to count in 'You Know The Vibes'. Rappers release art for different reasons; "I got into the music scene because I lost someone close to me and realised you’ve got no time to waste" Onuorah told us. There is an air of positivity in the Rapper's new single that suggests he has found his sound and musical dexterity.

With more music in the pipeline, we are excited to see what this year has for Tino. Cambridge has an unbearably dry rap scene. Pubs and local venues don't accommodate the genre very well, but hopefully this will devolve as the city's capacity for art becomes more diverse.

Give Valentino's infectious first single a go below. At a mere two minutes in length, you will have it permanently on loop this weekend.


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