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The visuals for South London rapper, ayrtn’s “AQUATIC SHAWTY” operate on a childlike plane. Cast your mind back to sitting in front of a television screen, watching an animated series. The video is indebted to the setting of SpongeBob SquarePants, dripping with colourful imagery to match the playful bars.

The rollout for his latest EP, “TOO AWESOME” has included a string of humorous visual content on his own YouTube channel, one such introducing us to the character Donald Dig Bickinson. These visuals, along with previous ones, were directed by LAUZZA. Clearly, there is strong creative chemistry between both artists, resulting in the creation of some of the waviest videos this year, pun intended.

The self-produced single has a youthful bounce to it. Captured largely on a green screen with a variety of graphic and optical effects, the video is childish in the best way, a quality ayrtn does not struggle to play in his favour.

“Too many hours/Give me my flowers” ayrtn raps, and after countless high-calibre EPs and mixtapes, he is finally getting the bouquets he deserves.

WORDS Bridget Eke (@bridgeteke)


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