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The Shephard’s Bush native is back with more music for the disenfranchised youth.

To the unobservant, it would be easy to say that Finn Foxell’s most recent singles are indicative of a musical metamorphosis. Close fans, however, will be quick to say that this has been a long time coming, as EPs like “Talk is Cheap” have experimented profusely with different genres.

On “What’s Your Poison?”, it seems Finn has finally found his sound. Inherently English, with its King Krule-Esque riffs and anthemic indie chorus, the track clearly marks a new era for the artist. Trading 808s for electronic guitars and braggadocios bars for antagonistic verses, his music is starting to represent something more meaningful than previous attempts.

Directed by Alia Hassan, the music video depicts an unapologetically hedonistic English summer. The Lionesses’ triumph at this year’s Euros takes centre stage, with Finn and his mates donning a progressive patriotism, painting their faces and wearing the St George’s flag whilst stamping on perfectly drinkable Stella Artois cans. Nostalgic nods to Teletext and old weather reports also feature throughout and make the visuals well worth tuning in to.

Watch the video to “What’s Your Poison” below.

Words Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)

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