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Jim Legxacy is stamping an indelible footprint on British music. Since “Citadel”, his last project, he’s matured as an artist and found a sonic space intrinsic to him. Riding a wave of genreless singles, which combine afrobeats and Midwest emo (Hit It Light It Twist It), r&b and indie (eye tell), and much more, the Southeast Londoner is sitting in his own lane, patiently waiting for stardom.

“DJ” is his latest single. Refreshingly innovative, the track feels as therapeutic for the listener as it would have been for Legxacy to make. Lyrically, it addresses broken promises and uses “DJ” as a metaphor for relationship dissolution: “you don’t have to teach me how to DJ anymore” he croons in nostalgic tones on the hook. The instrumental, which compiles elements of jersey club, dembow and afrobeats, shimmers like a phone light at night – occasionally underneath a chop of Unknown T’s “Homerton B”. Sampling is a fixture of the South East native's work, with Skepta and Soul to Real tracks gracing previous beats, and long may it continue.

The music video is directed by Legxacy’s career-long, trusted visual aider Fidel. It exudes harmless hedonism, as the subjects vibe nonchalantly in Morleys and ride electric scooters around Lewisham.

Watch and listen below.

Words Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)

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