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Last week I was scrolling through Twitter and came across this tweet from Mimi The Music Blogger. Just by chance I gave the video a play and was hooked. There was this sincerity emanating from the stripped-back visuals, just a pure authentic sound.

MAK hails from east of the river, his base in London being a heavy inspiration for his style of rapping. Like so many kids of the grime generation, the 26-year-old rapper grew up listening to the likes of Kano and The Movement:“Like Kano, I'm made in the manor”

This is the follow-up to his debut single “25”, where MAK celebrates his silver jubilee and traverses through his desires and aspirations for the future. “Check” however, portrays a much lighter mood. Still born from a place of profound contemplation, we have this juxtaposition of intense lyrical musings and a bright, buoyant beat.

With his heartfelt, emotive music that sits in its own lane, MAK is not just a Twitter hype that will disappear just as quickly as it came. We hear the recurrent hook: “Check, yeah I know they don’t know me yet” but it feels like now is the time everyone is getting to know.

Watch the “Check” video below.

Words Bridget Eke (@bridgeteke)

DIRECTOR: @tansytaylor


DP: @cassius.kane

FOCUS PULLER: @scarlettgardnerfilm

EDIT: @jademarie_m

COLOURIST: @jademarie_m

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