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Today marked the first day of Wavey Garms’ 2 week pop up in Soho. The event will be raising funds for Centerpoint, a leading charity for homeless young people, whilst showcasing some of the best vintage designer curators our country has to offer.

Art exhibitions, a pop-up record store and live music streams will all help to encompass the subcultural movements Wavey Garms have helped to nurture since their inception 7 years ago. Andres Branco founded the Facebook page in 2013, but as many of you may know, the brand has become synonymous with South London’s frivolous creative scene.

One of the exhibitions on offer will see the Wavey Garms crew creating an immersive instillation based on a young raver’s bedroom. Corbin Shaw, Joe Holbrooke and Petro are just a few more names exhibiting over the two week period.

All your favourite clothing sellers will be there armed with some serious crud too: Sekkle, Royal Ragz and Done London are just a few of our picks, but 20 will be on rotation over the 15 days. If your arm needs anymore twisting, at this point it must be painfully behind the back of your head, DJ sets from One-man, Percy Mingle (class name) and Sweet Lemonade Sisters (possibly an even better name) will be on the 1s and 2s setting the vibes... and get you overly gassed for clubs to reopen.

Where can I find such shenanigans?

Address: Walker’s Court, Soho, W1F 0BT

What time is the pop-up open?

11am-10pm daily

Where can I get EVEN MORE info


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