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For years now me and my mates have been huge Tyler fans and have dreamed of seeing him live, however every time he plays a gig or a festival slot I find myself searching deep into the internet on a quest to just view the set on a screen in my bedroom. The simple reason for this is that Tyler, the Creator is banned from the UK and has been for the last 3 years, due to an old fashioned response to his first few albums from our current PM, Theresa May…

Here’s just a few of the reasons why I believe the ban should be lifted and us British Tyler fans should be put out of our misery:

Reason 1: His live shows are too good

According to the ban rules, he could be banned for another 2 to 3 years. I for one cannot bare the thought that I will not be able to see a live show of his for that long unless I fork out the cash to go and see him abroad. Every time he releases a tune or uploads a live set it just gets me more and more eager for the ban to be lifted. He recently uploaded his set from his very own Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, and I think watching that alone would make you want to blow your savings and hop on the next flight to LA to go and see him. His stage set designs are like no other - the backdrop ranges from a Disney film aesthetic to one of a dark horror film, in-front of which sits his very own tree house from which he emerges from to start the set. He uses freestyles, costume changes and even bikes on stage (for his performance of Frank Ocean’s ‘Biking’) to emphasise his commitment and care for live shows and his many fans. Check that very set out below.

Reason 2: The ban doesn’t do anything (apart from preventing him to play live)

Tyler was banned from the UK for using ‘offensive lyrics’ in his albums ‘Bastard’ and ‘Goblin’, however does this ban stop any innocent teen in the UK from listening to these albums on Soundcloud or Spotify and then repeating the lyrics in school the next day? No. Tyler’s media is still consumed heavily in this country with millions buying his albums and merch each year, so what good is the ban anyway? It just means we can’t see him live. Anyone could listen to those albums right now here in the UK, as a matter of fact, here’s ‘Goblin’, Tyler’s first studio album released in 2011, an excellent album which happens to contain some controversial lyrics. Give it a listen now and see if Theresa May can try and stop you…

Reason 3: He shouldn’t’ve been banned in the first place!

My simple reasoning behind this point is, ‘What ever happened to freedom of speech?!’ - a tweet one of my mates here at Repeat put out after the ban was put in place 3 years ago. It has to be said that, now a days, mainstream rap lyrics often have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Many artists put out controversial art as part of their act and Tyler, the Creator built his fame by doing exactly this. He almost just takes the piss out of the system by saying things simply to stir up controversies and get a reaction out of people, in a way, the UK ban was a perfect example of this. Tyler says himself in many interviews, ‘If you’re offended by what I say that’s because you’re choosing to be offended’.

Reason 4: He wants to play in the UK and a UK Tyler show would be insane

In an interview with Larry King, 4 years ago (before the ban), Tyler said one of his favourite places to play was London and the UK, and as we all know this is because of how active a London crowd is - unlike the crowds at festivals such as Coachella where thousands stand stationary with their phones in the air, which this year forced Tyler to call the crowd out and change his lyrics to ‘this concert is not amusing’. Also after 3 years of waiting I think we can all agree a Tyler gig in the UK would sell out instantly and send fans wild.

I'm praying that the ban will be cut short and ended soon as the logic behind it makes no sense, and when the day comes that it is ended you will wanna be copping a ticket to his first live show back in the UK, trust me.


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