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Willow Kayne’s New Anthem ‘cola head’ Is As A Bold Step In The Right Direction

Willow Kayne's 'cola head' is the sound taking over TikTok...

Words Eleanor Evans (@eleanor_evans)

A celebration of true independence, ‘cola head’ is a genre-bending pop track that exudes audacious energy and gently pushes Willow Kayne’s endless creativity. As far as music goes, genres are becoming a thing of the past, we’re seeing more artists create hybrid sounds that make it impossible to be confined. Breaking free from what the major companies *cough cough* are on a mission to push, Willow Kayne is the prime example of waving your middle finger in the air and doing as you please. A nod to one of her biggest inspirations, The Neptunes, ‘cola head’ was long teased on TikTok prior to its recent release. And now, Kayne’s fashion-conscious supporters are taking the track worldwide. Obtaining a nostalgic essence, the single explores the infatuation for someone whose mind is continuously distracted by something more intoxicating. Illustrated with an infectious hook and Willow’s signature raspy tone, if you’re looking for a new bad b*tch anthem, then look no further. Born and raised in Bristol, the London-based artist has become a name to look out for. Breaking through with ‘Two Seater’ back in 2021, Willow Kayne has since proven her worth with a number of stand-out releases that go against the norm. Not one to shy away from voicing her opinion, Kayne’s oozing confidence and out-of-the-box thinking has served her righteously so far. Marking a new chapter ahead, if ‘cola head’ has anything to do with it, we’re in for a ride!


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