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South London rapper, ayrtn is back with his new EP, “Too Awesome”. It has been two years since we had last heard from him with the “Ghost…” mixtape and the multifaceted rapper/producer has displayed major growth as an artist over this hiatus. Held up as an esteemed vanguard within the alternative UK rap scene, ayrtn is truly a blessing to the subgenre. The deluge of captivating sounds he has crafted for numerous artists within the scene has not gone unnoticed.

Weighing in at 6 tracks, with a runtime just short of 20 minutes, his lofi, flossy flows simply skate over the mellow production on this EP. A reminder to us of his musical capabilities on and off mic. His signature skippy, staccato flows pepper each track, commanding unremitting attention on a bed of spacey, atmospheric beats.

Whilst his run of visuals has been marked by humour, ayrtn brings his usual no-nonsense bars to the table. He has a penchant for anything but the generic. I would say it is unquestionably his beat choice and production that makes him stand out from the usual cliches we see recurring in the UK rap scene. Opting for deep, cloud-surfing cuts juxtaposed with his deeper tone and jet-fuel-packed delivery, he urges us to dig deep into the countless layers he has laid out for us.

As we move through the project, Bawo delivers an impressive guest verse on “LI’L ZÉ AND BENNY”. The pair go back-to-back over the gentle knocking beat. With such seamless transitions, the pair complement each other so well, and it, therefore, comes as no surprise that Bawo is the sole feature of this project. The self-produced number bounces between both skippy and relaxed segments, which is truly a testament to the versatility of them both as artists.

Other standout tracks include CAUTION!” and “AQUATIC SHAWTY”. Each brings something new conceptually, and another creative dimension to the overall narrative. Watch the video to

Listen to "TOO AWESOME" below.

Words Bridget Eke (@bridgeteke)


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