It’s time to stick those joggers and jeans away. Finally, Britain seems to be heading in the direction of a much needed heat wave, meaning warmer weather wardrobe essentials should be at the top of your buying list. Throughout the year, shorts and skorts have been one of the standout styles, but we have rarely had a chance to even think about waring them. Luckily, times appear to be changing.

As gym lads frantically press their calves, attempting to make up for missed leg days, many of us will be wondering whether It's worth getting our own chicken dippers out for a good ol’ bronzing. The reality is, no matter how thick or thin your pipes are, when we hit those Fahrenheit highs, some breezy shorts will be much appreciated.

Many brands are sleeping on the opportunity to add shorts to their collection rotations, but we have started to notice a few of our favourites getting ahead of the game. It seems a baggier, below the knee fit is hitting the trends this year, and as relaxation has been a much needed commodity for us in a disparaging year, such style is definitely where we will be throwing our pounds this summer.

From Fucking Awesome to Martine Rose, and Aries to Unrealistic Ideals, beat the crowds and pre our summer short picks.


AWDWYSD have been flaunting some fine colourways of their signature court shorts recently. This blue pair will unquestionably be welcomed by fans of the brand, and anyone just cottoning onto them too. Released today, the item quickly sold out on their webstore, but be sure to keep checking Parade’s site - who often stock many of the label’s most coveted items. Deep zipped pockets, a below the knee fit and their all round practicality makes them a must cop at such an affordable price. Look out for forthcoming coloursways too.

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Coming in pink and black colour ways, Wall Street Mafia’s 300 GSM cotton shorts are one of the more cosy items on this list. Their intrinsic logo fits across the crotch, whilst an eagle design straggles on the back. Again, for £50, it’s difficult to complain about a heavyweight jogger short at such a fair price. Design-wise, they are definitely one of our favourites on here.

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Inspired by 90s aesthetics, as always with FA, there’s a nostalgic tone to these shorts that will be appreciated by any Larry Clark’s ‘Kids’ fan. They seem slightly above the knee, but maintain oversized features and the label’s subtle branding nuances. Want to learn more about Fucking Awesome? Click here.

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As the only genuine swim shorts on the list, this item exceeds others in terms of functionality. Fine rose detailing, an embroidered logo and pipeline fit are just a few more elegances that really won us over despite their pricing. At £70, we feel you could get more everyday wear out of them than just a brief dip in British coastlines this summer.

Where to buy: Stü


Currently swamped in the sales of every major luxury online retail space, Aries' boldly patterned pick are not for the feint hearted. A soft viscose fabric and lined mesh contribute to their construction, crafting a relaxed fit. They are still over a hundred pounds in most places, which is to be expected from a brand trying to pitch itself in a more premium market than others, but they will certainly make a statement if you decide to cop.

Where to buy: Slam Jam


Yep, these are boxer shorts. However, with the likes of Slowthai spending half their time in a pair of undies, we feel it is about time they were popularised into casual wear. Rosie Murdoch’s post-apocalyptic clothing turned our heads a few days ago and these shorts really stood out. ‘Practical skills for self destruction’ is hand printed across the front in neon orange, whilst a drawstring binds the fit together to create a boxy look.

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Taken from Corteiz's 'Don't Be A Harry' video, these shorts, which come accompanied by hoodies, revel in a simple and highly effective design. Nigeria's infamous skate crew and streetwear brand Motherlan are on hand to model the pieces, which have been releasing over the last few weeks. As always, it's difficult to tell how many colourways and how sought after this Corteiz release will be, but they certainly look worth the struggle. Their contrast shorts, which you might have caught Dave wearing, are equally well worth keeping an eye out for.

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Marrying luxury wear with quintessentially British and Caribbean designs, Martine Rose has been killing the runway for some time now. These beer mat shorts exemplify everything we love about her, but they come attached to a hefty price tag. It will cost you 180 British pounds to add them to your wardrobe, and as expensive as this is, they are clearly a piece that will get people’s heads turning. If you look close enough, all the mats have been repurposed with Rose’s name on, illustrating the fine detailing her products possess.

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Unrealistic Ideals have made waves with their uncompromising two-piece rhinestone tracksuits. This capsule, however, sees them effortlessly foray into the sweater and shorts game, the latter of which we believe you should be really considering at a mere £45. Coming in red and white colourways, the piece sees their already iconic logo sprawled across the crotch, paired with a smoking graphic on the left leg. As with many of the items on this list, they are completely unisex and, as a result, incredibly wearable.

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Heavy cotton, embroidered logos and a popping orange colourway combine in fine fashion for AFGK's signature short. The graphic's unique positioning is what really stands out here, bucking the Bape/Billionaire Boy's Club inspired (2021) trend of being over the front. Championing motifs on the back pockets adds to their intricacies and completes a very clean and eye-catching choice.

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Written by Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)

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