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Words Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)

Here to aid all your gifting worries, this year’s REPEAT 'Grab These Gifts' guide is packed with more heat than an Eastenders Christmas special. From novel ashtrays to affordable sling bags and luxe skate jeans to vibrant vinyl slip mats, we’ve got you covered.

Deck your halls with Christmas folly, and hopefully, some of these items, whether for yourself or a loved one this Christmas.

Cementing itself as the concrete goods plug, VENTED’s viral ash and trinket trays have become a staple for smokers, incense burners and ornament lovers around the world. Coming in a range of styles, which repurpose everyday items for all of your needs, these handmade pieces still don’t get the flowers we think they deserve.

"This is all I need for Christmas", reads the caption on punkandyo's latest Instagram post. Amongst the various stickers and jumbo pack of cigs is a selection of winter-warming hats and gloves in both neon and neutral colourways. Trust the Canadian brand to protect you or a loved one from the cold this season.

Trying to find an Oakley sling bag for under £100? hol’ up a minute. BaselBasel have you covered at half the price. The affordable gorpcore brand has some of the best and most reasonable accessories in the game. Sorting all your luggage needs, we recommend the ‘All new waterproof 25L sling backpack’. Online, though, there's a range of styles for you to choose from.

Recently releasing a Dover Street Market-exclusive collection, LOUTRE is shaking up skatewear with its unique silhouettes, one kickflip at a time. For anyone growing tired of their Polar Big Boys, and in need of a new pair of baggies, the Utopia Jeans are some of the nicest-fitting trousers we’ve tried on in a while.

For the vinyl lovers out there, few slip mats have caught our eye quite like Valé's. The brand, better known for its must-have trucker hats, could put its bold typeface on anything and we'd probably buy it. The vibrant yellow and striking logo work perfectly together, radiating vibes while spinning beneath your records. For those without a vinyl player, they could probably double up as decent frisbees too.

Yardsale XXX hoodies are bussin’. Nodding to eighties Los Angeles/Miami, while repping a distinctly European flavour, the skatewear brand never lack in cosy pieces. This season, the reversible flannel zip-up, modelled by King Krule, has been particularly popular.

Documenting the grime scene since its inception, Simon Wheatley is arguably one of this country’s most important subcultural snappers. That photo of Skepta in a chicken shop with a trapper hat on? Yep, he took that. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In ‘Lost Dreams’, you’ll also see photos of Dizzee Rascal, Hak Baker and many others.

One of the hardest two-piece tracksuits in the game, Kroen have caught the imagination of ravers across the country. It’s rare you step into a UKG or jungle night and don’t find one of their colourful sets skanking next to you. Keep an eye out for any releases before the year’s up.

.BLANK is revamping ‘90s gorp silhouettes with a contemporary twist. The London-based brand, headed by streetwear honcho Louis Holsgrove, leans into outdoor aesthetics, prioritising technicality, breathability and sharp silhouettes. These cargos drop particularly well on an AirMax 95 or 90.


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