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Brands are the new bands, or so some say. We wanted to spotlight a few labels that took our fancy in 2020 and we know have even more to give this annum. It could be a pretty handy list for any of you with Christmas money burning in your pockets too. A mixture of luxury, skate and streetwear makes up the 11 strong lineup of talent, meaning there should be something for everyone.

Vented London - @ventedlondon

Sewing London's spirit into the hems of its garments, Vented has built a following over recent years for its attentive designs and quality clothing. The brand’s clobber is incessantly inspired by the capital’s various subcultural movements. Gun printed tees and home casted skatepark ashtrays are some of their signature pieces, which you can find on the body of Jammer and under the zoots of P-Rallel. Expect plenty more from the brand in 2021.

Corrella - @corrella

Corella came to our attention a couple years ago thanks to their wavey football tees and graphic hoodies. The label, which demands ‘Positive Energy ONLY’, has gone quiet of late, but we are hoping they have a few releases up their sleeve for 2021. You may have seen their work on the rails of Selfridges, or on the bodies of artists like Dream Mclean

Calafar - @calafarclothing

We ran an interview with Calafar over lockdown, just as they dropped a collection of football tees in anticipation of the summer months. The label embodies London's youthful spirit, defining the uniform of a modern hustler through two-piece tracksuits and sweat towels. Thus far, Raf and his brand have released 4 collections, but we are hoping they pattern a couple more over the coming annum.

BadFriend - @badfriend

BadFriend have distinguished themselves from America’s saturated skate wear scene through trademark, Bapesta inspired jeans and graphic garms. Collaborations with Motherlan, Nigeria’s eponymous skate team, elevated the brand to new heights in 2020, and we know they have even more to offer. Quirky accessories are another inherent feature we rate highly about the label.

Minustwo - @minustwouk

According to its Twitter bio, Minus Two is for the “rebels, misfits, non conformists and trouble makers”. This philosophy is channeled through all the Rochester label’s designs. Whether it's through equation patterned jeans, messenger bags or enamel signets, Terrence Sambo, the founder, has proved that being bold reaps reward. Their socials advocate some outlandish trims too, so if you are in need of inspiration, head to @minustwouk on intsa.

Donk - @donkwear

Donk is an up and coming brand based in Manchester that focuses on giving your old clothes a new life. The Manchester based duo, Madi and Sam, create sustainable and reworked clothing with a notable edge. “Donk”, if you didn’t know, is a northern, hardcore music genre, and its aesthetic works surprisingly well within the context of this label’s pieces, which we will be buying for any Scouse house motives we find ourselves dabbling in.

Adam Jones - @adamjones_mens_womens

Adam Jones’ designs hit all too close to home for us. We love our pints, and it’s clearly something we have in common with the artist, who’s garments are made out of beer towels. Taking pride in British pub culture, the London designer creates Guinness vests and Carlsberg scarfs for any occasion. Our mutual love for the pub, as well as his seriously hard designs, made him impossible to keep off this list.

Saul Nash - saul.nash

Saul Nash is another brilliant London designer, who combines his love of dance and fashion for various athletic collections. In his most recent drop, he created a video that focused on accentuating the mobility in his garments. The contemporary designer constructs clothing which perfectly balance luxury and sportswear, making his label one of the most versatile on this list.

Education Pays - @educationpays.ldn

Education Pays are all about betterment. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, human nature craves progression. Another brand on the list with an inherently London suave, which pulls through many of their designs, EP finished the years with a Portobello Road pop up and a coveted crew neck release. Still very much in its infancy, we know the brand will have a lot more to say this year.

Picnic Clothing - @picnic_clothing

A brand birthed from the boredom of British lockdown, Picnic Clothing takes inspiration from the nuances of the great outdoors. For the quality of embroidery, Picnic retail their clothes at a very reasonable price. So, for any students with a hole in their pocket, this pick is definitely one for you.

Bianca Saunders - @biancasaunders_

Finally, we have South London based Bianca Saunders, who tackles menswear slightly different to the other designers - focusing on the male silhouette from a more tailored perspective. She strives to compliment men’s bodies through cropped wear, instead of the oversized cuts many brands are currently chasing. Challenging socially constructed views on what men should or shouldn’t be wearing, the designer creates garments that blur tailoring and fluidity.

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