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1: The GORE-TEX Court Jacket

Coming as a full floral set, this coat is a must for anyone trying to survive the irregular rain that strains our British soil. If you are elsewhere in the world, the garm would be a strong statement for any fisherman, who wants to flex, or if you find yourself standing at your local rec aimlessly looking for a motive. With four colourways in the pipeline, this will be one of the most hyped jacket drops on the winter calendar; wrap up warm and look like an absolute g whilst doing so with this one.

2: Dog Taped Seam Jacket

Supreme is known for collections with big-name artists; their Van Gough hoodie is as iconic as their frequent partnerships with Mark Gonzales, but this fall they have opted for a more bespoke collaboration. Sancheeto’s graffiti dog features on many items of Supreme’s collection this season; the aesthetic of the image is becoming a common feature of the designer’s custom pieces, including the spray painted stone island coat Drake has been pictured in.

3: GORE-TEX 700-Fill Down Parka

Another GORE-TEX item, can you tell we are a fan of the fabric? But this brings a completely different style and dimension to the collection. Finally, you can look, walk and talk like Liam Gallagher whilst efficiently beating the winter elements that stand in your way of having a bun up with your mates. This will come at a hefty price, but you have to consider the rewards and functionality that will come with it.

4: Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat Hoodie

Proclaiming that the reason for their rhymes is down to Dr. Seuss, main rappers believe they wouldn’t have been successful without the children’s author. The synergy between streetwear and hip hop makes me surprised that a collaboration like this has not happened yet; Danny Brown especially praises Seuss and is continually inspired by him. In 2015 was quoted saying ‘I don’t know how Dr. Seuss did it’ when he announced his fictional novel on black girls and their self-esteem.

5: Bogo crew sweatshirt

Needing no introduction, Supreme’s bogo pieces are the most sought after in the streetwear scene. In a host of new colourways, including a blended forest green and neon peach, this garment optimises the brand and the success they have found this decade. It will be incredibly difficult to cop one of these, and the resale will be as infuriating as always; you are going to have to do all you can to get your hands on these.

6: Floral Jacquard Zip L/S Polo

This knitted quarter zip is one of the more intimate items of the FW collection. Only coming in three colours, the busy printed patterns are both subtle and elegant. Take Dadcore to the next level and get comfy and cosy in one of these. The colour contrasting black and white one is my personal favourite and would look hard ….. or alternatively play chess with your Grandad.

7: Madonna Tee

At the age of 59, Madonna’s career has been groundbreaking, constantly reinventing herself and the society in which we live in today. Without the 80s idol feminism probably wouldn’t have been able to develop as quickly as it has, and there would still be a heavy stigma around homosexuality. Her legacy continues to live on, and as she progresses to the age of 60, it seems fitting for Supreme to make this collaboration now.

8: Obama Jacquard S/S Top

The controversy surrounding American politics is insanely severe; it is no secret that Supreme are Obama fanatics as they continue to release clothing in support of the President. It is important that, as streetwear is now so prevalent, brands like Supreme become advocates for political discussion as the culture is such an intrinsic part of people’s lives. The red and black colourway works particularly well, making the tee shirt intensely striking.

9: Newsprint Skate Pant

Today Supreme collaborated with the New York Post, shocking New York commuters and stamping their logo across the issue. The deep political message that is embedded in this makes Rupert Murdoc look like an absolute twat, and these trousers amplify the corruption of the publication too. ‘Lies Lies Lies’ runs across the back of the legs, potentially referring to the little truth many journalists put into their articles - the printed pants have a vintage vibe and would be very comfortable too, considering their cuffs on the bottom.

10: Dragon Work Pant

These trousers would probably make my top 5 items if I had to whittle it down even more. Looking like a Maharishi print, the premium stitching and illuminating gold embroidery makes the garm really visual and aesthetically pleasing. If you have the money, there are work jackets to complement the trousers and make them into a full suit, the dark red combination is especially hard.

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